About Lynn

I have been teaching people to drive in Auckland since 2011.

First working for AA and now with my own independent Driving School. I enjoy teaching people to drive.

I get to use my excellent people skills, including great comunication while maintaining a safe driving environment.


I draw from my background as a Flying Instructor.

Driving and flying both concern large, heavy machines and need to be operated responsibly.

Professional lessons with me will take the stress out of learning and speed up the process.

Driving should be enjoyable and stress free.


My biggest motivation is making the imposible, possible in the eyes of my students.

My typical student is a teenager keen to get started, but I also provide lessons for mature students who have left driving till after their OE trip or have started their familes.

My oldest student to pass their test was 64. I also provide refresher courses for experienced drivers and international visitors like au pairs and nannys.


Driving in Auckland has changed over the years.

We have a lot more traffic on the roads and a poor accident record compared with similar developed countries.

We need to keep current with changes to the NZ Road Code and we need to learn to use defensive driving techniques to keep safe on the road.


Situational awareness.

Is an aviation concept that has been recently introduced to the driving syllabus.

It involves being aware of hazards on the road around you, while maintaining smooth control of your vehicle and following the road code. This means you can keep a space bubble around you, your best insurance in case of emergencies.

Solid Foundation of Professional Lessons

Start driving with a solid foundation of professional lessons with Lynn and you will find learning to drive will be smoother, safer and more enjoyable.

Drivers who have professional lessons have less accidents and can pass their tests first time with confidence.

My work experience and academic record can be accessed on linkedin, with the link below.

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