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Driving School Testimonials

Since 2011, Lynn has provided driving lessons to students throughout the wider Auckland area. Her calm and confident manner helps her students feel supported while they learn essential driving skills, including defensive driving.

See what Lynn's students have said about her driving instruction below, and contact her if you would like to add your testimonial below too.

Lynn was a fantastic driving instructor, she was able to give me all the help I needed to be safe on the road and pass my restricted driving test first time. I always enjoyed my lessons with Lynn and found everything she taught me extremely helpful, especially her knowledge of the test course which defiantly helped me pass. Her supportive and easy going attitude allowed me to feel confident with my driving. 

Lucy Houghton 

I have been having driving lessons with Lynn since I have gotten my learner's license and she has done a fantastic job in teaching me how to drive safely on the road. The professional driving lessons have helped me drive with the right skills and attitude and got me well prepared for the restricted test which I passed on my first try at AA Penrose. Thanks Lynn for her great teaching and I would not hesitate to recommend Lynn to anyone.

Clement Wai Chit Yuen

Lynn is confident in her knowledge of the road and relaxing to be in the car with. She took me on the route of the my restricted test during my lesson so that I could familiarise myself with the course. This aided in passing my restricted license in a manual car, the first time I sat it. Lynn knows exactly what the instructors are looking for and is even prepared to sit in the back of the practical tests. Highly recommend to have at least 4/5 lessons with Lynn before any driving test, as I don't think I could have passed without her!

Brittany Davies.

Lynn was really helpful in my practice for my restricted test. She is really easy going and gave me loads of good tips to help me pass. Would definitely recommend her to anyone else looking to sit their license.

Charlie Goodwin.

My lessons with Lynn were really useful. Lynn you were most helpful with your tips on what I might expect during the restricted test.   I found your calm confidence really helped me to learn to drive in a way in which I always felt at ease.  By the time I sat my test I had the confidence I needed to pass first time. 

Max. St Johns Auckland.                 

Lynn is a wonderful driving instructor and is very patient and knowledgeable. After my lessons with her I gained invaluable confidence behind the wheel and could navigate the roads safely.

Emma Bower.


Kia ora koutou,

Lynn gave me the confidence to sit my restricted driving test and coached me with patience, clear tips and positivity. After many years of aborted driving attempts, it was Lynn who gave me immense moral support to sit my test and pass it. I am foverever thankful to her for her guidance and encouragement.


Lynn is an incredible driving instructor, full of positive reinforcement, very casual, easy to talk to and firm when she needed to be. Thanks to her excellent advice and help, i was able to pass my test on my first attempt. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

 Louis Agnew

Lynn was absolutely awesome while helping me practice for my restricted. She was firm but always encouraging, and very supportive when I found something hard. I always felt safe and within my comfort zone while driving with her. I would totally recommend her to anyone sitting their driving tests or wanting to improve confidence.

Diyani Desilva.

Lynn was so dedicated in helping me pass my restricted by never giving up on me! She is fun and really easy-going which helped me be comfortable and confident in driving and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive and pass their tests.

Alexia Ellffie.

"Lynn was very helpful in helping me learn to drive on my learners, she is calm and friendly and thanks to her detailed lessons I was able to pass my restricted test on my first go."

Claudia Riley

I was a nervous absolute beginner driver at 26 years old. Lynn was a very supportive instructor who made me feel instantly at ease and gave me plenty of encouragement. Giving practical advice and being quite firm, she pushed me each week in my lessons but I never felt out of my comfort zone and I learnt all the skills I needed to get my restricted licence after just six months of driving. I would highly recommend Lynn as a driving instructor.

Heather Mason - Restricted Test October 2012, Full Test January 2014 Passed First Time.